School days

By Maurice Pearce.

“ I started school in1921 at the age of four and I remember playing on the first day with a tray of sand and a piece of wood to draw with. The first thing we were taught was to respect our teachers, the Rector and all those older than ourselves. We were naughty, as all children can be, and did things like soaking pieces of blotting paper in ink, making them into a ball and firing them at the blackboard or at the girl in front, but we expected the cane if we got caught! And we got it! In the Big School our lessons consisted of Maths, History, English, Art, Poetry ,and Scripture, taught with strict discipline by Miss Rose Merry and her sister Mrs Friar. They had forty pupils to teach, at several levels, but I can't remember a single girl or boy who did not read or write."



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