Greenford Close

By Peter Barton

Photo:Greenford Close - the site as it was for most of the 20th century

Greenford Close - the site as it was for most of the 20th century

Photo:Greenford Close in 2000

Greenford Close in 2000

 In 1982 my company, PCB Construction Ltd., purchased part of the orchard, shown red on the 1902 map here, from Mary Routledge, a local resident.

The orchard had been owned by a member of the Miller family, who had built himself a house there and had named it 'Greenford' because it was close to the point where Town Green Road crossed the Brook via the Green Ford until the bridge was built in 1837.   'Greenford' was Mary Routledge's home in 1982. 


We built six timber framed houses from the Heritage range of Potton Timber Company in 1982 and 1983 and named the road Greenford Close after Mary's house. 

We purchased from Mary the remaining part of the site on which her house stood.  'Greenford' was demolished and we built four more houses, one of which fronted onto Town Green Road,  in 1984 and 1985.  

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