Will of Edward Caldecutt 1690

"In the dairy one nedding trough and a pandering trough one tub and Kettel." With Inventory.

By Sue Miller

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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Will of Edward Caldecutt 1690' page


This Will is fascinating because of the Inventory which is annexed to it.

The Testator obviously had no children, but he wanted to provide for his Wife, and he gave her a life interest in everything he had, with remainder after her death to his Brother William Caldecott of Trumpington. He lists the household 'stuffe' which his Wife may use (there might otherwise have been arguments over whether she could use items which could wear out and thus would not get to the Brother) and the resulting list gives us a wonderful snapshot of what was to be found in a farm house of the period.

The list is worthy of study. 'Curtains' seem to be mentioned in association with 'bedsted,' and so might well be bed curtains. Probably shutters would be used at the house windows. A 'hutch' is a storage cupboard, while a 'press' is a cupboard or chest where clothes are kept. The 'nedding trough' is for kneading dough, but a 'pandering trough?' It must be a 'powdering trough,' which is encountered fairly frequently, although perfuming pans were known, these being used to heat up spices or chemicals in order to fumigate places. Meat was salted down in powdering troughs so that it would keep through the winter months. But linsce? Anybody know? The nearest we have got to it is 'lynsey wolsey,' which is a coarse woollen cloth on a cotton or flaxen warp.

The 'bedpan and porage pott' gives pause for thought. Are they, as one would hope, two separate items?


TRANSCRIPT of the Will of Edward Caldecott 1690.


In the name of God Amen.  I Richard Caldecott  of Orwell in the County of Cambridge yeoman being sick in body but of sound minde and perfect Memory thanks be to God doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following.  And first I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator and my body to the earth to be decently buryed according to the discretion of my Executrix hereafter named. And for my temporall estate which God hath beene pleased to bestow upon mee I give and bequeath the same as followeth Inprimis I give and bequeath unto Margarett my beloved Wife all my Lands and Tenements whatsoever together with their appurtenances situate and being in the Towne and fields of Orwell aforesayd during the terme of her naturall life, and after the decease of the sayd Margarett I give the said lands and Tenements to Andrew Caldecott the son of my Brother William Caldecott of Trumpington and to his heirs for ever. Item I give unto Margarett my Wife the use of All those Goods Chattells and household stuffe Specified, Mentioned, and contained in a certain Schedule or Inventory hereunto annexed bearing date with these presents during the terme of her naturall life, and after her decease, I will and bequeath all the sayd Goods, Chattells, and Household stuffe to my Brother William Caldecott of Trumpington aforesaid, Except one perss cupboard which I give to Mary the daughter of Edward Caldecott late of Barrington after the decease of Margarett my Wife. Item I give unto William Patrick of Cambridge baker my Great Bible to be delivered by my Executrix hereafter named. Item all the Residue of my Goods and Chatells unbequeathed I give to Margarett my Wife whom I make constitute and appoint the sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament shee paying my debts and funeral charges Revoking all other wills and testaments by mee formerly made In Witness whereof I  have hereunto set my hand and seale this ninth day of January in the yeare of the reigne of our soverigne Lord and Ladye King William  and Queen Mary & etc Anno Domini 1690



Sealed Signed and Published                                                                Edward Caldecott   LS  

In the presence of                                                                                         his mark  X


William Cooper

John Godfrey

X  William Adams



Proved April 4th 1691.







A Schedule or Inventoire of such Goods Chattels and household stuffe which I Edward Caldecott of Orwell have in my last Will and Testament granted the use of to my beloved Wife Margarett during the terme of her Naturall life. Made the ninth day of January 1690.



In primis  In the Chamber above stairs one bedsted with a flock bed two bolsters two couverletts a sett of Curtains one Chest two huches eight potter dishes Five pouter porringers two Candle sticks and a salt


In the house wher they keep fire one pres cubord one long table and form one Chairtable and four Chairs one pot shelf and a great bible one bedpan and porage pott a pair of tongs and fire shovel


In the dairy one nedding trough and a pandering trough one tub and Kettel


In Chamber below one bedsted with a linsce Fether Bed two boltsers two pilows two blankets and a Coverled and a pair of sheets  a sett of Curtains one Cubord one table two stols two huches there Chairs one pott shelf one box


                                                                                                                Edward Caldecott his mark  X


William Cooper

William Adams


                                                                                4th April 91



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