The Last Set of Threshing Tackle working from Orwell

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From a report in The Royston Crow, 1966

The photo shows the last set of threshing tackle owned by Esmond Flack Ltd. of Orwell, working at Dunton. It is taken from the Royston Crow February 25th 1966. Mr Jacklin is shown on the left, looking directly at the camera, and Mr Alfred Course is in the middle of the picture. Mr P. Robinson left, with his back to the camera.

The Royston Crow reported: “The corn threshing tackle shown in our picture, once a familiar sight in the countryside, may not be seen again after this season. Combine harvesters now reign almost supreme on farms all over the land and the unavoidable cost of working by the older method has made it uneconomical. Eight men were actually working with the tackle depicted here, which belongs to Esmond Flack Ltd. of Orwell.

Threshing was in progress at Dunton, just over the border into Bedfordshire. Mr Flack told the Crow this week that this will be, almost certainly, the last year for definitely working with the tackle as a business. ‘I really kept this one set of tackle for the smallholders at Dunton,’ he said, ‘and I am not actually disposing of it — I shall keep it in case it is ever needed but I shall be getting a combine for the future,’

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