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Margaret Green's memories

I left school (it was the temporary school in the former American Hospital buildings in Wimpole Park) at the age of fifteen, and went to work at Huddlestone's, where I recall I earned 27/6d a week from which was deducted the sum of 5/-. I think the deduction was to cover the cost of overalls and my National Insurance contributions.

Photo:Huddlestones Top Shop

Huddlestones Top Shop

I was one of the four girl assistants.

I can remember my first job was to convert a two hundredweight sack of grain into two pound bags and wrap them up. I can also remember dried fruit coming in forty pound blocks, which also required weighing out into smaller packages. After grain and fruit, I progressed to weighing lard - the twenty eight pound blocks were cut with a cheese wire.

Another skill I learned was how to bone a side of bacon.

I also rode a bike round Orwell and nearby villages, collecting orders. 

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My abiding memory of Huddlestones shop is the 'smell'. The mixture of grains, fruit, bread, etc. and, of course the bacon! was wonderful and I can still remember it to this day - some 50 years later. I always volunteered to 'run up to the shop', when staying at my grandparents at 13 Town Green Road, to buy the bacon. Unsmoked for me and smoked for my brother Russell. Duncan Reeve. Son of Chester and Joyce Reeve (nee Carbonell) Grandson of William and Cassie Carbonell (nee Orriss)

By Duncan Reeve
On 02/04/2013

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