Organised by Orwell Gardening Club on September 17th

'Without doubt the best yet!'

Photo:Show Day in Orwell Village Hall

Show Day in Orwell Village Hall

Orwell's Garden Produce Show goes from strength to strength, as more people are beginning to realise that this really is a true Community Event, that what we are trying to achieve is a little different and more informal, and illustrates beautifully what can happen when people work together. The Hall looked wonderful.


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We had some good entries this year, despite a difficult growing season (but when isn't it?) with pride of place perhaps going to the Onions, all of which were much commented upon and looked magnificent.

As a new venture for 2016, Visitors acted as judges for the Flower Arranging section.  We had four entries of an Informal Arrangement of seasonal flowers, all very different and excellent in their own way, but the overall winner was Marlene Ward, with Ann Hoptroff second and Joan Stammers third.  Carol Russell won the Formal Arrangement section (she was the only entry).

We usually have lots of 'Bring on the day - Just for Fun' runner beans (for The Longest Bean) and potatoes (for The Heaviest Potato) but this year the longest was also the shortest, and heaviest was also the lightest, as we had only one in each category (blame that difficult growing season)!  

Photo:Sheila's strange potato

Sheila's strange potato

But there was a really good response to 'The Strangest Thing I have grown in my garden this year' with some interestingly misshapen vegetables, like Sheila Webber's potato.

The Raffle was well supported and we are especially indebted to our Sponsors - Orwell Village Stores, Phillimore Garden Centre, C A Leech & Son, Fieldgate Nurseries and The Chequers - who provided some wonderful prizes. Thank you!

As well as the Exhibits, there was a  Bring and Buy Stall (with a gardening produce theme), Carol Girling had Plants for Sale, and Paddy Ward and his team provided much appreciated Afternoon Teas.

Photo:The Show team

The Show team

Special thanks go to our Judges (Tony Ritsema -Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers - and Maria Hope - Home Produce), to our Stewards (Bob Bryant, Jim Chapman, Derek & Nancy Skipper and Roger Whiteoak) and our Treasurer, Jill Whiteoak, to Joan Stammers for providing Lunch for the Team (as well as the printing of Programmes and Schedules). to Sue Miller and Katie Reid for organising the Raffle, to Hairwaves and the Village Stores for displaying posters, and to Joanne Payne for providing the rosette stickers for the prize cards, and of course to all our Exhibitors, old and new!

And the Overall Winner Was ....

Orwell Gardening Club members are eligible to compete for the Whittow Cup - which this year was won by Bob Bryant.  Well done, Bob!

An award was also given to the Exhibitor (not a Gardening Club member) who gained the most points for their entries, and we were pleased that Kate Wootton (a newcomer to exhibiting) received this. Congratulations!

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Photo:3 'cooking apples' ??
Photo:Colin Hoptroff's Giant Garlic
Photo:Roger Whiteoak's trug of Best in Garden Fruit
Photo:Didn't she do well! Some of Katie Reid's prize winning exhibits. Katie is Chairman of Orwell Gardening Club, and came overall Second.
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'ORWELL GARDEN PRODUCE SHOW 2016' page
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