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Taken from the March 2009 edition of the Orwell Bulletin

John Stammers 1922 - 2009

John Stammers – King's Scout, engineer and wartime RAF officer – who died in January 2009, had for many years 'played his part well in the community spirit of our village' to quote from a Bulletin feature of 1993. He and Joan came to live here in 1982 and he became a church warden at St Andrew's Church, competition secretary at Orwell Horticultural Society, and our parish clerk from 1988 to September 1998. Parish Chairman Bob Bryant pays him the following tribute:

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'John Stammers' page
“ He will be remembered as one of the last hands-on clerks; not only did he look to the administrative aspects of the council but also, on its behalf, he undertook a considerable amount of maintenance work around the village. He was the “fixer” frequently to be seen with his small tool bag undertaking those tasks necessary for making life a little richer.


Resolute and determined

John had great strength of character; in council he was resolute and determined in ensuring statutory procedures were followed and upheld. Similarly, in the maintenance role he was very thorough; some of those gates he hung are still swinging. Long may they do so, in his memory.”

The profile from the Orwell Bulletin of March 1993 referred to above can be accessed from this link.

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