Golden Wedding of Olive and Kurt Kruger

The following tribute first appeared in the September 2001 issue of the Orwell Bulletin

A Golden Trip on the Blue Danube.

Kurt and Olive Kruger, of Leaden Hill, celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in July (2001) with a cruise along the Danube from Passau to Budapest but, before setting out, they enjoyed a happy afternoon with all their friends at Orwell Friendship Club in the Village Hall. Arthur Purser acted as wine waiter, while Derek Hooker added to the party atmosphere with popular tunes on his keyboard.

Kurt and Oliver want to thank all their friends for their kind congratulations and greetings cards. Their kindness and good wishes are much appreciated.

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Kurt and Olive’s story is perhaps unique in Orwell. Kurt was a young German prisoner of war who came to work for Mr Peters at Manor Farm in 1947 and lodged with the Pearce family in Fisher’s Lane, where he met Olive.  He was repatriated in 1949 but sadly, in a divided Germany his family was now in the Eastern zone, where daily life was very hard under Russian control. Kurt soon returned to  Orwell   - and to Olive - and they were married in 1951 in Orwell Methodist Church by Revd. Hildebrand, a German pastor from Cambridge. And the Kruger family has been making a valuable contribution to community life here since!

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