Orwell Past & Present Launch Photographs

Photos of visitors (taken with permission!) at the Launch

One aim of the taking of visitor photographs at the Launch was to demonstrate how quickly it is possible to upload such photos to the website (and thus to be seen, potentially, worldwide). We have left a few examples below for posterity. Don't forget that you can usually "click" on each photo to get an enlarged version!

Obviously, the free cake and coffee did the trick, notwithstanding the snowy weather. Thank you again for coming.

Photo:Lynn & Andrea

Lynn & Andrea

Photo:Donald & Gill

Donald & Gill

Photo:Mo, Derek & Linda

Mo, Derek & Linda

Photo:Carolyn & Barry

Carolyn & Barry

Photo:Roy & Georgie

Roy & Georgie



Photo:Visitors from Meldreth

Visitors from Meldreth

Photo:Jen, Phil, Anna & Ben

Jen, Phil, Anna & Ben

Photo:Olive, Gillian & Verity

Olive, Gillian & Verity

Photo:Ute & Richard                                   .

Ute & Richard .

Photo:Cheryl & Bob                               .

Cheryl & Bob .

Photo:Matt, with James & Thomas

Matt, with James & Thomas

Photo:Viv & Peter

Viv & Peter



Photo:Jemima & Vicki

Jemima & Vicki

Photo:Leigh, Judith, Grace & Maisie

Leigh, Judith, Grace & Maisie

Photo:Jean & Roger

Jean & Roger

Photo:Eileen, Peter & Ruth

Eileen, Peter & Ruth

Photo:Ron & Brian

Ron & Brian

Photo:Jane, Pat & Ian

Jane, Pat & Ian

Photo:Gerry & Betty

Gerry & Betty

Photo:Kenneth & Grace

Kenneth & Grace

Photo:Paul & Nicky

Paul & Nicky

Photo:Katie & John

Katie & John

Photo:Charlotte & David

Charlotte & David

Photo:Janet & Sheila

Janet & Sheila

Photo:Kelly & Max with Isabella

Kelly & Max with Isabella

Photo:Fiona & Paul

Fiona & Paul

Photo:Revd. Felicity

Revd. Felicity

Photo:Katy and Tim

Katy and Tim

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